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God works through authentic worship and clear teaching to help people discover the life He created us to experience. Together we encourage one another to trust God more and celebrate evidence of His work in our lives.


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Defining Moments

Our Summer Series

When things seem impossible and even hopeless, the timing is ripe for God to create a moment that changes everything. A moment when hope is regained, joy is restored, and lives are transformed. Join us as we look at real characters in God’s word and learn to find hope and faith from the moments that redirected their lives.

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A Way Out

Starting This August

Temptation comes in many different forms. We are tempted by foods, unhealthy habits, destructive desires and substances that control us. No matter what the temptation, we can be sure of one thing, we are all tempted by something. However, when temptation comes, some people overcome, but others fall in defeat. This August we will give you the tools you need to win the battle against the temptations we face.