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God works through authentic worship and clear teaching to help people discover the life He created us to experience. Together we encourage one another to trust God more and celebrate evidence of His work in our lives.


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Encountering God - Current Series

Often in the most difficult times of life that we encounter God in the most unexpected ways. When we are open to these types of encounters, it can be life-changing. Unexpected is a series designed to lead us to encounter God in a way that is refreshing and unexpected. Be prepared to experience the unexpected!

Sticky Families

Coming This May

As we look around, it seems like it is harder and harder for families to stick together. Marriages are being destroyed by conflict and in many cases, the kids are running the house. It often seems like defeat and failure is inevitable. Fortunately, God has a plan for you and your family to thrive and for parenting to be both formative and transformative. It is time for families to stand together and take back our homes.

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