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God works through authentic worship and clear teaching to help people discover the life He created us to experience. Together we encourage one another to trust God more and celebrate evidence of His work in our lives.


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We believe it’s important to have a season of focused prayer as we fast as a church family for 21 days.

Sundown January 5th - Sundown January 26th

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Think Small

Our January Sermon Series

Slogans such as, “Dream Big!” and “Shoot for the Stars!” are meant to motivate us to accomplish more. The problem is, oftentimes these ideas just bury us and overwhelm our already busy lives.  What would happen if “Think Small” became our motivational slogan for the new year?  When we think small, it takes the overwhelming pressure of “too much” off of us. And most often, it is the small steps that lead us to accomplish big things.

SOAP: A Bible Reading Plan

SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. SOAP is a journaling method that helps us grow in God’s Word by recording our thoughts, emotions, and connections when reading the Bible. We use the SOAP method, along with the SOAP reading schedule to help us in our journey to a better life found in Jesus Christ.


*The S.O.A.P. method is a guide for personal study and journaling that is widely used by many churches.