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We are passionate about having an authentic worship experience and helping people discover the life God has created for them so we can see God's kingdom established around the world.


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There seems to be a buzzword that is heard in many conversations with Christ followers. This word is often misunderstood and its importance is often overlooked and God says that we cannot please him without it. So what is this buzzword? Faith! Since faith is so important, what is it? How does it work? How can I have more? How do I know it is real? 

Understanding and knowing how to tap into a life of faith is essential to living a supernatural life that pleases God and taps into His power.



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Christmas at Crossroads

Have you ever wondered how to have The Best Christmas Ever? For many people, the joy of Christmas has been replaced with stress, worry, loneliness, emptiness, and many other negative emotions. What if all that could change this year?

In addition to our regular Sunday morning services, we are hosting a community feast on Sunday, December 10 at 5PM. We’re calling it The Best Christmas Potluck Dinner Ever, and we can’t wait to enjoy a meal with you, your family and friends. This will be a family-style potluck dinner, so please bring a favorite Christmas dish and/or dessert to share.

At 6:30 we will continue to celebrate with Christmas carols, sung by our preschool and elementary children, and then the unforgettable JINGLE JAM family worship experience. Come expecting loads of fun and the chance to recapture the joy of Christmas.

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