Sticks & Stones

Words have the ability to shape the destiny of our kids, family and even our career. We can change the world by something as simple as the words we use.


It's time to hit the reset button and make this the best year ever! Join us for our brand new message series RESET.

Prayer & Fasting 2017

Join us as Pastor Greg challenges us to start our year off with prayer and fasting and focusing on our relationship with God. 

Gift Of Grace

In this series, we discover how the gift of grace gives us endurance, freedom, and how through the poverty of Jesus, we become rich in His grace. 

This Or That

In this series, we discover the best choices for our lives so we can live the life God intends.


When we learn to walk in the power of God's Spirit, we can live an incredible life of purpose, change, and freedom.


Our student Pastor Daniel Cazenave share how our light can shine as we are unified as one with Christ.

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