One Week to Live

As we look at Jesus' last week, we will be challenged to live our lives with a daily sense of urgency, passion, and purpose.

House Divided

People tend to judge and fear others based on the color of their skin. Join us as we seek God for healing and unity.

House on the Rock

Our executive pastor, Chris Reynolds shares the power of having faith established in Jesus and shares a life-changing testimony of someone who has experienced this kind of faith. 

One Thing

It's tempting to try to tackle everything we want to change about our lives but what if we focused on less, in order to accomplish more? Join us as we explore the power of One Thing.

Best Christmas Ever

In this series we discover practical step to experiencing your “best Christmas ever.”


Faith is so important but what is it? Understanding and knowing how to tap into a life of faith is essential to living a supernatural life.

The Waiting Room

There are times in our journey with God that it seems like He is silent and not moving. Waiting Room is a series that will help us navigate through those times when it seems like God is not moving.


Seeds are small and seem so insignificant, that is until you put them in the ground. It is no wonder that God uses this seed analogy to describe the influence His church should have on our society.

Stand Alone

Our executive Pastor, Chris Reynolds shares with us the evidence of faith that works.

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