I Love My Family

“I love My Family” is about discovering God’s idea of church and how it truly is a family where you belong.

Labor Day Weekend 2018

Our executive pastor, Chris Reynolds shares with us how the only way to know the true way, is by aligning ourselves with the only true God!

A Way Out

 In this series, we will give you the tools you need to win the battle against the temptations we face.

Defining Moments

Join us as we look at real characters in God’s word and learn to find hope and
faith from the moments that redirected their lives.

Sticky Families

God has a plan for your family to thrive and for parenting to be formative and transformative. It is time for families to stand together and take back our homes.


Unexpected is a series designed to lead us to encounter God in a way that is refreshing and unexpected.

One Week to Live

As we look at Jesus' last week, we will be challenged to live our lives with a daily sense of urgency, passion, and purpose.

House Divided

People tend to judge and fear others based on the color of their skin. Join us as we seek God for healing and unity.

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