The Tale Of Two Kings

What’s your ideal destination in your life?  What’s your destination for your marriage, your career, your financial future, or even your family? The problem we face is our desire does not determine our destination. It’s the choices we make that determine our destination.  A Tale of Two Kings we will learn from the choices, good and bad, of Old Testament kings, Saul and David.  This series has the potential to help us make better choices so that we can arrive at the our desired destination in life.


Somewhere inside of all of us, we want our lives to be perfect!  We want the perfect kids, perfect spouse, perfect job, perfect body… you name it!  Sadly, year after year we fall short and often make little progress in our quest!  What if this year the pressure was off and we decided perfect is no longer the goal.  Instead of perfect, what if we all just chose to be BETTER!  We can choose to be a better parent, we have better health, we took better care of ourselves, and had a better attitude.  It is time to stop beating yourself up and start on your personal journey to be BETTER!