Current Series

Life on a Mission

Launch 2.0

God has been writing an incredible story from the beginning of time. We are all a part of that story.  It’s time to find our place in God’s story as we launch into an incredible journey with Him!

Love Songs

Love songs are great, but there has to be more to love than just a song! In this series, we look at what makes love last and how to discover a lasting love for yourself. 

You Can

What if this year could be different?  What if your life was no longer defined by what you can’t do and instead you discovered what you can do or be?  YOU CAN is a message series that will show you how God wants you to step beyond the limitations and barriers that are holding you back.  He wants you to see that your best is yet to come. You can change! You can move on! You can overcome! You can be better.  Once you realize that you can, then you are ready to have the best year of your life!

Merry Christmas

Christmas time is here.  It’s time to celebrate with our closest family and friends. Christmas is a time that’s filled with peace, love and joy.  For many though, it can be a time a anxiety, heartache and complete chaos.  Join us this December, as we discover how to experience the things that make Christmas the “merriest time of year”. It’s time to put the “merry” back in our Christmas!


Missions is more than just going on a trip or giving a donation at christmas time.  Missions is about the great commission and living out God’s calling for your life.  It’s about coming beside people and lifting them up in their time of need and helping them see Jesus even when they have lost all hope.  Join us as we learn how to not “Do Missions” but instead discover how to “Be Missions.”