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Mind Games

Every day our minds are flooded with thousands of thoughts. Some of these thoughts are positive and bring good results, but, others are negative and lead to destructive patterns that take control of our lives. Mind Games is a series designed to help each of us break free from destructive thoughts that lead to depression, panic, negativity, and other emotions that reek havoc on our lives. When I learn to control my thinking, I can take control of my life.


Everyone wants a life that full and satisfying.  What’s amazing is that it is God’s desire for you to have that very life too.  It is a life that he calls, “fruitful.” However, many people have misunderstood what it means to have a fruitful life.  We think it is something I work hard to produce, but God has a totally difference picture in mind.  The fruitful life He wants you to have, is one that is empowered by Him.  Join us this summer as we “peel” through God’s word to discover the fruit of following Jesus.