Current Series

Life on a Mission

Breaking Free

We invite you to discover how to break free this year so that you can have the best year of your life.

Come Home For Christmas

Fortunately, no matter where you are or what your Christmas wish is, God invites you to experience His love this Christmas.

Dealing With Doubt

We all deal with doubt. We have doubts about ourselves, the people around us, and our future. Our doubts can even focus on how active God is in our lives or if we really even know Him at all. This kind of doubt can rob us of our security, confidence and power as a believer. Join us as we find clarity in the confusion and security in the truth of God’s word.


Jesus calls us to live differently by living for a purpose. How can we be different in a world that rewards conformity? How can we obey God is a world that seeks to ignore Him? If you are looking to grow your relationship with Jesus, now is the time.  Join us as we explore life beyond normal in our next series, WEIRD. It’s time to find your “new normal.”