Be Generous Initiative

In 2021 we cast vision for a new initiative called Be Generous in which we reclaim our presence for the Gospel in our local schools. In September we collected money for free biscuits to support the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Douglas and Carrol County schools.

In December, we blessed local school teachers in Douglas and Carrol counties who are doing above and beyond their call as educators.

In Douglas county we gave gifts of over $750 to three, hardworking teachers: a single mom, a grandmother, and a brand new teacher who care deeply about our next generation.

In Carroll County, at Sandhill Elementary, we were able to give gift baskets and over $500 in gift cards to a mom that had previously suffered a miscarriage and is new to her role in education.

In January, we'll be providing local school teachers with a much needed refill of classroom supplies to ensure they have our full support in their efforts to finish the school year strong.

Want to help us build bridges not walls by reaching our community through serving our local schools?


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