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Immovable Faith

House Divided

Racial tensions are escalating. We’ve seen it in the media, political parties, and demonstrations. People have a tendency to judge and fear others based on the color of their skin. What hope is there for true racial reconciliation? God has the solution, and the time is now for us to courageously follow His lead. Join us as we seek God together for new understanding, healing in our lives, and a unity that celebrates our differences.

One Thing

The new year is here and the question on many people’s minds is, “How do I do better than last year?”  As we look to the new year, it's tempting to try to tackle everything we want to change about our lives. But how often does that really work? Instead, what if we focused on less, in order to accomplish more? Join us as we explore the power of One Thing.


There seems to be a buzzword that is heard in many conversations with Christ followers. This word is often misunderstood and its importance is often overlooked and God says that we cannot please him without it. So what is this buzzword? Faith! Since faith is so important, what is it? How does it work? How can I have more? How do I know it is real?

Understanding and knowing how to tap into a life of faith is essential to living a supernatural life that pleases God and taps into His power.

The Waiting Room

There are times in our journey with God that it seems like He is silent and not moving. You have prayed and prayed yet the answer hasn't come. You have waited for a new job, the perfect partner, your first child but nothing. In those moments that challenge our faith, it is difficult to not want to give up hope that God will do something. Waiting Room is a series that will help us navigate through those times when it seems like God is not working.


Seeds are most often very small and they seem so insignificant, that is until you put them in the ground.  Once they begin to grow they become much larger than their original form and they even multiply themselves hundreds of times over.  It is no wonder that God uses this seed analogy to describe the influence that His church should have on our society and culture.  Knowing how the seed multiplies is the key to maximizing our influence as God’s church.

Flip The Script

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Everyone has something they want to be different. For most of us, we have given up on changing things, and we just accept life as it is. What if we could flip the script for our lives and discover the story God has written for each of us? Join us for a new message series that will show us how!

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