God Never Said That

The Bible can often be confusing, but many times the confusion comes from our attempts to make it say what we want it to say. Instead of discovering what God has to say to us, we twist the scriptures to fit our desires and wishes.  When we do this, we miss the truth God intended to give us, so we could experience the abundant life.  “God Never Said That” is a series designed expose some of those misconceptions that we often impose on God’s word.

I Love My Family

What is family? It is a place to belong, it is a place where you are loved. Family accepts you even when you are not perfect and even when you are different. Family helps when you are down and when you are in need. We all need family and that is what God’s church is all about. It is more than a building; it is a place where family comes together. “I love My Family” is about discovering God’s idea of church and how it truly is a family where you belong.

A Way Out

Temptation comes in many different forms. We are tempted by foods, unhealthy habits, destructive desires and substances that control us. No matter what the temptation, we can be sure of one thing, we are all tempted by something. However, when temptation comes, some people overcome, but others fall in defeat. In this series we will give you the tools you need to win the battle against the temptations we face.


Often in the most difficult times of life that we encounter God in the most unexpected ways. When we are open to these types of encounters, it can be life-changing. Unexpected is a series designed to lead us to encounter God in a way that is refreshing and unexpected. Be prepared to experience the unexpected!

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